Water, sanitation & hygiene. For everyone.

Wateraid’s vision is a world in which in everyone has access to clean water, decent toilets and good hygiene.

With success heavily reliant on the involvement of the public, Wateraid recognised that their website could be the key to achieving this vision.

To do this, the website had to communicate the multitude of ways that people could help – from donating to volunteering to campaigning – and showcase the potential impact of their participation, convincing them they too can bring about change.

The concept

The joy of water.

In an effort to challenge the compassion fatigue that often deters people giving to charity, we chose instead to focus on the joy of water – the positive stories arising from Wateraid’s work.

I worked closely with Wateraid’s photography and content departments to showcase the moments when villages have access to clean water and toilets for the very first time.

I created layouts that focused on imagery, accompanied by bold accents of colour, to bring these magical moments to life.

The challenge

The need for simplicity.

A key challenge was to change Wateraid’s mindset for content writing. We wanted to move away from unrestricted and unstructured copy, instead demonstrating how maximum impact can be achieved by boiling content down to its essence, displayed in bite-sized chunks.

To support this, I created a system that was flexible enough to support various content lengths (dependent on available assets) while enforcing character restrictions to keep any page fluid and readable.

I also introduced large typography to make key headings short and sharp, eye catching even if skimmed through.

The challenge

A call to arms.

We wanted to show the variety of ways people could get involved, and allow them to do so within an instant.

I created simple and clean layouts balanced with a vibrant colour pallete to encourage action.

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